Your baby at 39 weeks | Pregnancy week by week
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Your baby at 39 weeks | Pregnancy week by week

So you’ve made it! It’s week 39, you’ve got
one week to go so exciting. The baby is measuring over 51cm in length
and is about 3.5kg. Here are your
lovely bumps at 39 weeks. So the babies organs and body systems have
developed and some of them will continue to develop after birth. Your babies been receiving lots of lovely
antibodies via your placenta to help it’s immune system fight off all those infections. And if you do decide to breastfeed that will
continue through the breast milk. So from about 32 weeks to 39 weeks the amniotic
fluid that your babies been resting in will steadily decrease from 800ml to 500ml. You can also expect your baby to have grown
it’s eyebrows and eyelashes and little finger nails. So by now it’s quite normal to feel some mounting
pressure down below. That can be due to the babies head being partially or fully engaged
in your pelvis ready to go. Some women around this time can also get their
“show” which is – and I hate this word – a bloody mucousy discharge. Basically meaning that the mucous plug has
come away from the cervix and your body is in preparation and ready to go into labour. It might not be imminent but it’s likely to
be very soon. Around this time some woman can also get some
leaky boobs. It’s normally the colostrum which is the essential first milk, they like to
call it “the gold top” which gives the baby all the nutrients that it needs for those
first few days of life. Contrary to popular belief it’s not actually
as common as you think it is for your waters to break before you go into hospital. Obviously everyone’s different and if you
are concerned about it at all at this stage you can buy things like maternity mats which
are just a sheet almost like a sanity towel that you can put on the bed to protect your
precious mattress – certainly like mine it was very expensive. So that’s it for 39 weeks, you’re so almost
there. One week to go, you can do it.

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