Your Health and Your Unborn Baby’s Health
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Your Health and Your Unborn Baby’s Health

♪♪♪ (narrator)
If your pregnancy is assessed
as having some risk, you may be referred
to our high-risk pregnancy clinic for ongoing care. (ultrasound technician)
I’m just going
to turn on it for you so you can see
a profile of the baby. (narrator)
If you have
a multiples pregnancy, we provide a free information class
once a month to provide you with valuable information
to prepare for your babies’ births. At any time during your pregnancy,
your doctor may refer you to a member of the hospital’s
interprofessional team. Such as: the genetics department,
Social Work a dietitian, paediatrician and/or the Women’s Reproductive
Mental Health Program. If you are having
an elective Cesarean birth, we will give you
an information booklet and pre-registration information, necessary lab requisitions
and access to more information to prepare you
for your caesarean birth.

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