YouTubers React to Little Baby’s Ice Cream
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YouTubers React to Little Baby’s Ice Cream

(mouse clicks) ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (distorted lullaby melody) ♪ – (narrator) There’s good reason
for my glistening skin. – That hot. – (narrator) And how I shine. – So the first thought that came
to my mind was very dirty. – (narrator) And how my pores
are so clean and clear… – What is this? – Oh my god, this is terrifying. – Don’t scoop that off your head, bro. (both groan in disgust) – (narrator) I eat Little Baby’s Ice Cream. – (laughing) Is this
ice cream advertisement? – (narrator) It keeps me light on my feet.
– Oh my god. No, I can’t do this right now!
He’s just staring at me. – (Finebros) It’s over. – (narrator) I love–
– NOOOO! – (narrator) You’ll wink and nod and hug… – (laughing) I can’t look away. – (narrator) …with great enthusiasm. – I don’t know what to do. – (narrator) This is a special time. – This is a special time. (snickers) That’s what this is. – (narrator) Ice cream… is a feeling. – A feeling of insanity.
Oh my god. – I’m thoroughly creeped out.
I gots to go! (laughs) What was that? – (whimpering)
He was staring right into my soul. I’m so scared right now. (shrieking) No! No, please, please, please. – Oh no. He’s back. (disgusted moan)
Stop making that creepy face! – Where’d his head go? – Ew. Reminds me of Smeagol. – (narrator) Go ahead, lick something. – (cracking up) What?! – (narrator) We’ll lick you. (cracking up) – (narrator) We love to lick. – Yup, and he’s gonna be in a cone,
and he’s gonna be in a cone. – Oooooh! – Oooooh! ♪ (distorted lullaby melody) ♪
– Goodbye. I’m leaving! – What is going on? – This is some serial killer [bleep]. – (whimpering) No! No! It’s a nightmare. (both scream) – Oh gross! – (narrator) Little Baby’s Ice Cream. – Is it made from babies? – (narrator) Ice cream is a feeling. – Everything about this is disturbing. (laughing) I am done with this! – [Bleep] internet. There’s nothing– nothing fazes me anymore. – I’m shaking ’cause that was so creepy. (whispering) Oh my god. I’m a changed person. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (Finebros) So what were those two videos? – (suppressed laughter) [Bleep] up!
That’s what they were! – Ice cream commercials,
but [bleep] up ice cream commercials. – It was something out
of a Tim Burton movie. – They were advertisements for an ice cream that I’ve never tried,
but kinda feel like trying now. – Honestly, they could make it
with babies for all I know. I mean, the commercial’s creepy enough. You don’t know what those people are up to. – He was scooping ice cream out of his head. (whimpers) I have nightmares about stuff like that. – Both of those videos felt
like they were just trying to be weird for the sake of being weird. – I enjoy that whole,
“We’re making weird commercials” but that was grody. – (Finebros) Their catchphrase is
“Ice cream is a feeling.” What feeling does it give you? – I’m terrified. – It makes me want to seek help. – I’m really scared. – I’m scared. It’s a scary feeling. – Vomit in my mouth. – 100% not okay. But the more I think about it,
the more I’m on board because I’m like, “This was different.” – My thoughts pooped. – Steven Wright put it best: you know that feeling
when you lean back in a chair and you almost fall,
but the last second you catch yourself? – He was legitimately eating himself. So was he ice cream, or… I’m so confused. – (Finebros) Were they humans?
Are they supposed to be ice cream people? What do you think?
– I think it’s an ice cream person. – They appear to a human made of ice cream. – A new race of humans
made out of ice cream. – Maybe they were ice cream!
That makes it happier-ish. Not at all. – I don’t know, but for some reason
it was reminding me of Tay Zonday. – Tay makes, when he’s being silly,
he’ll make a face like that, so it just reminded me
of Tay for some reason. – (Finebros) Do you think
these are real commercials for a real product or not?
– No, I don’t. I don’t think they’re real commercials. – I would like to think not,
that no one would put that as their actual company commercial, but, you know, it probably is. – I think it’s real. I feel like it’s in a different country. – What is the point if it’s not? What would be the point if it’s not? – Yes, that would get me
interested in the product. Maybe I’d show it to someone,
be like, “Check out how weird and gross this is.” But that’s like being like,
“Dude, smell this.” It doesn’t mean you want to eat it. – (Finebros) It is a real commercial. – (laughs) Oh my god. So that’s a real brand of ice cream? – (Finebros) A lot of people are surprised
that these are real commercials. Why are people surprised
this is a real commercial? – ‘Cause it’s so creepy! – It’s creepy and it’s scary. – That is the most
non-appealing advertisement I think I’ve ever seen. – It’s not appetizing. (laughs) I wanted ice cream earlier. I wanted some cookies and cream, and now I don’t want cookies or cream. – We’re used to the formula,
the cookie-cutter, of what a commercial is. This didn’t get approved by a board. You know what I mean? This was some guy who
was just like, “You know what? I’ma make a video.
It’s gonna go viral.” – “Guys, guys! Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna get a guy, and he’s gonna
be made out of ice cream, but he’s gonna eat himself
because our ice cream is so good!” (slams table)
– “Nailed it!” – The guy who is narrating it
sounded like he was from the US. Usually, the creepy ads aren’t from the US. I mean, that’s just the fact of the matter. They usually aren’t. – (Finebros) On the internet, commercials
that are not from the United States typically are the ones
that are the weirdest and craziest, but this one’s from Philadelphia,
right here in the United States. – God bless! – Well, they’re real weird.
– They’re weird. – You’re kidding! I want to meet these people. – Really? Wow. You know, I was gonna guess
somewhere in Europe. – That’s more scary than the video. (laughing) Why are they living here? – So that person is in America right now? No! Get them out!
Get them out of America. I don’t want them here. (grumbles) – (Finebros) What do you think
people from other countries seeing this as American
advertising think of us? – They probably think, “Wow,
those Americans are weird people.” – American consumers, I’m eating so much! We’re all fat. We eat ourselves to death! I’m past it. Think what you want, Canada. – I think they already think
we’re pretty weird, so I think it adds to it. – They’re like, “Yeah,
America’s catching up.” – “Finally, the US
is getting some creativity.” – They probably wouldn’t surprise them because they think we’re
already pretty weird enough. Granted, we think they’re weird. So everyone just thinks everyone’s weird. – It depends on what country. If it was Sweden, they’d
probably be like, “That’s weird.” If it was Africa, they’d probably
be like, “Please give us some!” – Yeah. Wow.
– (Finebros cracks up) – I’m gonna go on a plane
and when I get back from the plane, I’m going to have a Twitter explosion
about how racist I am. – That’s not ra–
that was sensitive, I think. – Okay, good. – I mean, there’s poor people
in more than just Africa. – Yeah.
– But I see where you’re going with it. – (Finebros) Why do you think they decided
to sell their ice cream like this? – Sometimes it’s all about
making something memorable. – They were just trying to get a reaction. – It’s shocking and you won’t forget it. – You showed me something else,
might have forgotten about it, but that is Little Baby’s Ice Cream, and I’m not gonna forget
that for a real long time. – You talk about it. I feel like that in some
business school text book, it’s, like, a chapter. – People are gonna remember that commercial. I– (groans). Oh my god, I can’t get over it. – (Finebros) Do you think these videos
will help sell their ice cream? – Yes. I want to try it. – Yeah, that’s without a doubt. – Yeah, I’m sure that they will…
just for the “LOL, so random!” – Maybe there are some people out there who are like, “I totally wanna get
this ice cream now” but as for me, I’m just not feeling it. – I have no desire to eat ice cream. Actually, this was a great video for me. I’ve been trying– new year,
trying to start fresh. No more sweets. – People with a certain mentality, yes. To other people,
they’ll be like, “That’s weird. I don’t want to eat someone’s head,
so I’m probably not gonna buy it.” – (Finebros) Finally, in honor
of this crazy commercial– – Oh nice! – (Finebros) Go ahead
and put it all over your face and eat it off yourself. – Wait, what? – Really? – (Finebros snickers) – You seriously want me to do that? – Guys, I have to get on a plane after this. – I can’t believe I’m gonna
do this right now. All right, we got a little bit on.
We’re good now. – It won’t go on. (grunts) There we go. – Aah! Oh, it’s so cold. – (Finebros laughs softly) – Oh my god, it’s melting! – [Bleep] the spoon. (cackles and munches loudly) (creepy giggle) – (laughing) Shoot! They make it look so easy and fun. (Finebros laughs) (snickers) (Finebros chuckles) (everyone cracks up) – Thanks for watching me eat
ice cream off my face today on YouTubers React. – Let us know in the comments
what we should react to next. – Whoa! Hey, look. There’s lots of cool
little videos down there. They’re all me and my friends,
so you should check ’em out. – Bye, guys. You want some ice cream? (soft laughter) – Bye! – Bye, guys! No! Get away! Go, get away from me. No, get away. Go. ♪ (end music) ♪


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