• Brandon LKY

    Great to see you smile dad! That should be the way, a bit, a bit, a bit of smile everyday👍
    One day you will be laughing with Yo Yo Jr😂 We are here with you.
    Sallygugu, come back soon.

  • Leslie Crites

    I also wanted to say I like this Channel because you don't go out and get 3 or 4 more monkeys to get more viewers it's really about yoyo Jr or was about yoyo. It makes me happy that you love your monkeys!

  • Оксана Г

    Бедный ребёнок,!!!сидел в клетке и боялся.Лапочка,он даже не умеет пить молоко,наверное никогда его не видел.Чем же его кормили? Нгуен,Ваше доброе сердце и забота , растопит его сердечко и он не будет бояться.Йойо от Вас не отходит..Все у Вас будет ОТЛИЧНО!!!Терпения,любви и здоровья Вашей семье!!!Мы душой с Вами.💋💋💋💖💖💖🥝🥭🍓🍎🍊🍅🍉🍌🥑🍍🍈🍐🍇

  • leslie trott

    Good job Dad you are wonderful with little Yoyo jr i see a beautiful relationship filled with lots of love and laughter for you all in the near future God bless you and family …from California

  • elizabete locateli

    boa tarde yoyo e família por favor o que ouve com o yoyo ninguém consegue me dar imformação por favor

  • Cassandra Wilson

    Good morning Dad and Jr.
    YoYo Jr is melting my heart. For a little guy that has been caged and abused, he sure is calm and easy going. He has no desire to flee…. That is a testement to you and your wifes Love and Patients. You can see already the trust he has in you. When he is with Mom, you can tell he loves her by the way if you notice he holds her hand or is always touching her with his cute little feet. My heart is happy for you 3, and am i understanding correctly that your wife is Pregnant? Well, the blessings will never stop. You both are so amazing. Your children are going to be just as amazing as you are.
    It is very good to see you smile Dad. Little by little, and Day by Day it will be better. You have a whole nation healing with you.
    Take care of eachother, have a great day.
    God Bless always.

  • Patrick Santini

    Wow… YOYO JR is so calm and well behaved.. Good job daddy… He s so relaxed and loves and trust you.. YOYO JR is learning something new every day from daddy. He seems more playful too…

  • Stellahola besos s Madrid

    Saludó yoyito. JR. Que. Monito. Tan. Educado. Lindo. Hermoso. Dios. Los. Cuidé. A. Todos. Beso. 🇨🇴🐒🙊🙏💋💋😘

  • Baby Babe

    Dad…u are so amazing. U take care of Yoyo Jr so well. Mom too! Jr is so blessed 2 have u and u are blessed 2 have him. Such a sweet baby. I love him so much.
    1 question…is Mom pregnant? Some1 mentioned that in a comment. Just wondering. Anyways…many blessings 2 the Yoyo Family. Love u all sooo much. 💚🙉💚

  • Marcelle Gauzere

    Bonsoir familly YOYO. Firth bath for Baby YOYO jr. ? Il est adorable. Très docile il a l air d apprécier .Même pour brosser ses dents il accepte sans bouger. Trop mignon. Je pense fort à YOYO SR.Vous êtes toujours très attentif et aussi plein d amour. Vous et Molly avez mon admiration. For familly YOYO Kisses .

  • Anne Anne

    Ura nash malish Yoyo JR chistenjkij iskupalsja a samoje glavnoje slushalsja ne ubegal umnichka Ngujen vam boljshogo terpenija bog dal tak kak vi dobrij kak ljubite monkey i zabotitesj🐒🐒🐒👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌🐵🐵🐵🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏🤗🤗🤗🙈🌴🙉🥰

  • Vincent Tran

    Hi yoyo Jr family Bua nay dad Cho yoyo Tam chac Choi do lam chu gi Chung nao yoyo Jr tap boi day baby yoyo Jr co DOI mat thi mong nhin la thuong roi love your family

  • Annette Perez

    Hi Aw u took him a bath n he is calm know he is learning n yoyo Jr wait he is very calm monkey getting use to his new home n things around him aw he is cute ( hey were do I send the box to what address to send it ) 😄😄😄😄🐒🐒🐒

  • Bre Salle Steele

    Yo Yo jr is such a good little baby boy, When a Monkey know a person Love and care about them , they trust them and behavior Well as they are trained!!!!! Dad you doing a Awesome!!!!! Job with your baby and He Love you and Mom Very Much as You both Love baby Yo Yo Jr Back😃😍💕💕💕

  • Soulless Raven

    YoYo jr. Is so adorable and so lucky that you guys found each other. ❤️ Is he the same species as YoYo was, I noticed he doesn't have a red face or does that happen later when they get a little older?

  • Isa Acosta

    Dad you are so sweet, Junior is obedient and affectionate, him feel confidence with you. Thank you for the great work you do for Junior and for all of us ♥♥♥

  • Sue Uustalu

    He reminds me of Yo Yo Sr and Doo He has that same sweet gentle look on his face and personality. He is so good. We all love him.

  • Blake Brown

    Where did he come from? I am surprised you bought him being this old already instead of getting a baby you could teach and raise yourself. He looks like he's like a year old already…


    You are so amazing Dad you do wonders with the monkeys. They trust you completely. You are the only Dad that seems to take a real interest in making sure YoYo Jr. feels safe and secure.

  • Phyllis Toppins

    That was a good bath for YOYO JR I think he will almost be able to do it himself one of these days. Dad is a patient man and you can tell he is also falling in love with his son, he is a narurel teacher. Such a wonderful family to be in
    Take care. Love little baby YOYO JR keep growing see you soon love😘😘😇😇💚💚💜😏💜

  • Lupita Gutierrez

    Tiene mucho parecido a su hermano yoyo! Muy lindo le gusta el agua y se porta muy tranquilo, está hermoso 👏👌😘😍😄

  • Gail Howes

    You can tell by these signs that he was not cared for in that place before you got him rescued. He will become more used to lots of care in the coming weeks!

  • Алла Полякова

    ЙоЙо накупался, нарядился. Ещё не совсем получается пить из бутылочки. Ничего страшного. Научится 👍👌🐒🤗😊😍💖🍼🍼🍼💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • Dove leboeuf

    Nice to see you smiling! You will be a great dad because we can see you are kind and have a big heart. You 2 will be great parents. Congratulations on becoming parents. 🌹🌹🌹🍀🍀🍀😅😅🙉🐵

  • Nina Magerramova

    Какой молодчина малыш: спокойный,не капризный,и водичку любит.Когда папа почистил ему зубки,я заметила он сам догадался,набрал в рот воды,и ополоснул рот от пасты.Вот бутылочкой не научился пользоваться,видимо некому было учить.Но ничего,нужно время,и все у вас получится.

  • Jessica Neon

    He is so little and cute ,what a good boy sits there like taking a bath is not a big deal ❤ after bath please clean his ears with cotton buds. Water goes inside their ear during bath and it causes pain sometimes. I clean my dog's ear after bath .You are such a good dad .

  • Kara Dalton

    Did you buy him so trained already? You can tell someone had put a lot of work into him before he came to work for you.

  • KarateTiger

    He didn’t really know what to do with the bottle. I guess that only comes out when you make videos. Someone did a great job with his training before he came to work with for you! Has he had his vaccines yet he looks like he could have been old enough to have had some medical care. You have the permits to keep him, right? We don’t want anything terrible to happen like MonkeyMom/MonkeyGo. Just trying to make sure you’ve done everything to be fair to this little guy.

  • Yelena Y

    A Jr is happy, and calm. His eyes like two stars. Adorable boy, and good character. I was shocked that previous owners dis not feed him with milk, and by 1 year age he does not know how to hold the bottle.
    Now I completely understand why he did not like yogurt. Love you all very much.

  • Cleo Staley

    YoYo Jr knows dad and mom loves him very much. YoYo Jr you are so cute. A big hug to YoYo Family from California USA 🙂

  • Mana Awe

    Hi 👋 Sweetheart Baby 👶 YOYO JR
    Au Au Play water 💦 wow toys
    Duck 🦆 you don't have ohh
    Love ❤️ you 👶 baby
    Aloha from Hawaii 🙋🏻🤗😘👶

  • MJhavis Bassett

    YoYo jr needs your comfort. He will soon be confident in your love and his personality will shine through. He also knows you are sad.

  • CoRo 74

    Weisst du denn wie er vorher zu trinken bekam weil er offenbar das Fläschchen 🍼 nicht so kennt? Er ist ja immerhin schon älter.

  • kimberlykirkland22

    Awwww Yoyo Jr did really well with his bath!! Especially since you said he was crying and screaming at first when you gave him a bath! Good job Yoyo Jr! Now you’re all sparkly clean and smellin good! Your daddy is so gentle with you! I can tell he is very comfortable with you daddy! He loves you! 🥰 And he loves that duck! 🦆 I hate that he vomits if he gets too much milk 😕 guess if he never had it before it might be too rich for him. Have you tried the powder baby formula milk instead of the boxed milk? It may not upset his tummy as much and will give him all the same nutrients and vitamins from the boxed milk. Just an idea! I know you’ll do what’s best for your baby boy! Love you dad, mom, and Yoyo Jr! Big hugs! 🤗❤️🥰

  • Brenda Hanson

    Wow, he sure has gotten accustomed to everything really fast. Did his former owner train him? YoYo Jr. is adorable!

  • ReedaventureVlog

    Dad, make sure when you put pampers his tail is in the right position so he doesn't feel uncomfortable or hurt.

  • Estelle Smith

    Oh Nugyen you are so gentle with him and so patient. You and Phuong will make great parents one day and hopefully that will be soon if I listen to the stories on the grape vine it will be. I know you will tell us if it is true or not. Baby YoYo Jnr is so lucky you chose him to be your new fur baby. He may look a lot like our YoYo but he has his own distinct personality which will develop over time to show us all he is not YoYo but we will still live him our new Baby YoYo Jnr.

  • Galina Bashina

    Как я рада за этих позитивных людей. Повезло и Yoyo, ощутит такую безграничную любовь, заботу. Счастья всем.

  • Marie cuddington

    He's being good. Keep doing what y'all do best he will be fine.He trust you. Love y'all.💗💗😂😘😄😃

  • Maria Esther Molina

    Que rico baño baby YoYo Jr , y tu ropita es linda , te gusta jugar con los peluches , pero siempre en los brazos de papa ., eres adorable , te amo baby 💖💞🐒💜💚🍼😘😘😘😘😘🙏🙋

  • Magda Deus

    YOYO JR. it's brother YoYo's xerox 🐒♥️🐒
    They have the same DNA.
    Dad teaches with calm, patience and much LOVE.
    Everything you taught our unforgettable and beloved YoYo ♥️🐒♥️
    As Rachel Mendoza wrote. YOYO HAS TO CONTINUE 👏👏👏👏🐒♥️🐒
    So Father and Mother, don't cry anymore!!!!
    YoYo is there whit you!!!!
    And we too!!!! I love the YoYo Family 🐒♥️🐒♥️👩♥️👦♥️

  • Charlotte McKedy

    You are very patient and genital with Yoyo jr. You will make a good daddy to your baby when it is born. You've had plenty of practice with first Yoyo and now Yoyo jr. 😊

  • Галина Павлова

    Младший Йойо очень спокойный умный малыш!Ему нравится мыться!Папа молодец!!!

  • Людмила Романова

    Не надо малышу чистить зубы, прополоскать рот он не может, а пасты зубные, особенно с фтором, для него вредны.

  • grabies

    He is good and patient, this baby YoYo!!!!! He was tired and wanted to sleep, nevertheless he has been very good! ❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘

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